The Earth-San Has Leveled Up
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Author Ikuzaki Kazuki
Artist Maitake
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The Earth-San Has Leveled Up

Chikyuu-san wa Level Up Shimashita!

Synopsis The Earth-San Has Leveled Up

As a result of the Earth getting a Level Up, the world has become tinged with fantasy.
Dungeons and monsters have appeared, and a karma-style status system has been applied to many lifeforms.

That day, along with other people all over the world, chuuni girl Yotani Meiko is swallowed up by the appearance of a monster-filled dungeon.

Meiko generously shares the amazing information she has discovered and, with the involvement of the town she lives in and the school she attends, makes the world more lively.

This is the tale of a group of high school girls from the country running through the dawn of a new world and attracting attention from people all over the globe.