Re Genesis: Restart of the Reincarnated Card Player Color
Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2024
Author Amano Hazama
Artist Contents Lab. Blue TOKYO
Serialization Jump
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Re Genesis: Restart of the Reincarnated Card Player

Synopsis Re Genesis: Restart of the Reincarnated Card Player

The world was flooded with the power of good and evil gods, and fragments of that power manifested into “Cards.”

Alto, a Player who could harness the power of these cards, was accompanied by creatures of the UR (Ultra Rare) quality, the highest rarity possible, However, during a battle with his rival, Cecil, the UR cards abandoned the arrogant Alto for the determined Cecil.

After being seriously injured and left for dead, the only card he had left fell from his pocket. The first card that Alto had ever obtained, the [Soldier, Fiel]. Though Fiel was a weak card, limited by its common rarity, it stayed with Alto until the end.

“I cannot raise you anymore… If only I could summon you again…”

As he lay dying, Alto uttered a wish that would never come true, but when he opened his eyes, he found himself transported back to the day of the Card Advent Ceremony– the day he first met Fiel…!?

The former strongest summoner returns with the bond he’s forged with his companions embedded in his heart, aiming to obtain common cards and become the strongest once again!

The otherworld card battle fantasy begins!!