Monster Eater Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2024
Author Renkin-ou / Earth Star Novels
Artist Kawaku, Ichimatsu Kei, Whomor
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Monster Eater

Monster Eater Adventurer, 魔物喰らいの冒険者~俺だけ魔物を喰らって強くなる~

Synopsis Monster Eater

“I’ll get stronger, by eating monsters!”
Rude is an E-rank adventurer who possesses only a single skill: Debuff Immunity. Sadly, gathering herbs in miasma-filled dungeons is about the only thing his questionable skill is good for.
Being of practically no use in combat, his fellow adventurers ridicule him, calling him a “miasma scavenger.”
Rude decides to challenge a new dungeon, determined to clear his nameーuntil disaster strikes, and he’s betrayed by his comrades. Out of items and on the verge of death, he resorts to committing the taboo act of eating monster meat, but…?
Thus begins Rude’s adventure of simply eating monsters to gain new skills!